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Management – Definition

“Management Definition”  could be presented in a general manner as  “The process of using limited resources effectively and efficiently, in order to reach the goals and the objectives of the entity as expected, inside a dynamic environment.”  

Management definition has been briefed as “The Process of Planning, Organizing, Leading,  and Controlling the group or the entity to achieve the defined goal.” This briefed Management Definition is built up based on the core functions of the management process.

Accordingly, the descriptive answer for those who seek for a proper “Management Definition” is, “The process of getting things done through Planning, Organizing, Leading, and Controlling scarce resources efficiently and effectively in order to achieve organizational goals and objectives.”

Some other Management Definitions

  • It provides the knowledge to solve the problem of “how to implement the tasks of the organization successfully?”
  • It is a profession which guides the organization.
  • Management is the collection of personnel that provides a guidance to the entity.

The management function has four main sub functions. A practical “Management Definition” could be recalled based on those core functions.

  • Planning :-  Establishing the goals and the objectives of the entity specifically: and establishing                                    appropriate strategies to achieve those goals and objectives.
  • Organizing :-  Distribution of resources, authority, and tasks to achieve the goals and objectives set in the process of planning.
  • Leading :- Employing the people (Human Resource) of the entity in the tasks that are required to achieve the goals and objectives, and making them encouraged and motivated.
  • Controlling :- Seeing whether the plan is been implemented properly and in case if some deviations are found; regulating them.  

Management Definition is mingled with the above process. A person who captures the management definition accurately is exposed to the following benefits. They are the advantages of management.

Management definition


  1. Reaching the objectives and goals of the organization.

  2. Utilizing the scarce resources efficiently and effectively.
  3. Responding to the dynamic business environment successfully.
  4. Satisfying the stakeholder expectations maximumly.
  5. Increasing the quality of the output and reducing the wastage and cost.

Management Definition gets customized according to the organizational hierarchy.


  • Top Management – Making decisions about the organization’s direction across long term strategic planning and policy establishments. “Top Management” Definition is more related to the core function of “planning”.
  • Middle Management – Ensures that the first line managers performs what is required by the top management. Middle level managers engage in all four functions alike which were discussed under management definition.
  • First Line Management – “First Line Management” definition is basically, the operational level employees who are responsible for day to day activities.

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